Using the right products for your fireworks display

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Planning a fireworks display is a complicated business. There are more health and safety rules than you can imagine, for good reasons of course. Then there is all the planning of the different elements that you are going to need, like arranging facilities, up to and including enough portable toilets, getting people in to set up bars and even arranging attractions for the biggest of events. And then there’s the big one, the most important point of all – getting hold of the right kind of display fireworks to make the impact that you’re aiming for, to make the event really stand out and to impress all those people watching it.

The difference between normal and display fireworks

The difference between firework types is less complicated than you might imagine, although the are certainly some differences. Sure, some display fireworks have special fuses which help them to work with timing and coordinating equipment. Often they come in special packages to combine the fireworks for a particular visual effect. But the biggest difference between normal and display fireworks is that display fireworks are simply more spectacular. They are usually:

  • Bigger;
  • Brighter;
  • More colourful;
  • Louder.

And, unfortunately, they are generally more expensive. That’s only to be expected. They pack more punch than standard fireworks, their manufacture is a little more complex, involving higher quality materials, more planning and better safety equipment, and they are generally used by professionals in professional displays and large events. So you need to know where to get hold of display fireworks for the right price and the best quality. This take some experience or some good advice. There are plenty of business out there who claim to be able to supply what you need, but all too often they try to pass standard equipment off as specialist products, have inferior quality items or do not provide the products when they say they’re going to. And no one likes a fireworks display without fireworks or full of duds.

The best suppliers around

For every fireworks display that I have been part of organising for several years now, we have sourced our display fireworks from They’re based in Colchester and Ipswich, both in the south east of England, but they deliver the fireworks to wherever I need them. I can order online at any time, although when I am in the area I prefer to visit their impressive showroom. Their prices are very competitive (I have rarely found anywhere offering similar products for as little as they do) and everything that I have ever bought from the has been of the very highest quality. Every order that I have ever placed with Dynamic Fireworks has always been delivered to me on time, and exactly as I ordered it. Delivery is within three days, sometimes quicker, and they do not charge for deliveries on orders in excess of £300, which helps me to keep my prices down too. They have provided me with virtually any type of firework that you can imagine, from rockets and fountains and mines of every colour for huge events, down to indoor fireworks and sparklers for my daughter’s eight birthday party a couple of years ago. I have bought ignition equipment from them, wax torches for decoration and complex barrage set-ups. They even provide me with the basic safety equipment I need for myself and all of my employees, along with the safety courses that we all complete to make sure that there will be no problems at any fireworks display that we plan.